Endodontic treatment is also known as a root canal. In most cases you do not have to lose a tooth due to an abscess. A root canal can usually be done to save the tooth. Dr. Tozer has had continuing training in endodontics and does offer them as treatment in his office.

When the pulp in a tooth dies, you may have no symptoms but more likely you will experience pain and possibly swelling if there is an abscess. This is frequently caused by decay that has extended near or into the live tissue inside the tooth known as the pulp; although pulps can die without an apparent reason. An X-ray is taken and other diagnostic tests may be needed to determine the need for a root canal. You are given local anesthetic (many know this as Novocaine although other kinds are used) so that you do not feel discomfort. Dr. Tozer then cleans out the infected pulp tissue from inside the tooth and fills the canals with a bio-compatible material. A filling is then done on the biting surface where he had access to the pulp. Most teeth that have had endodontic treatment will need a crown or cap to strengthen them.

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